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The Revolutionary War in North Jersey

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Gernal George Washingtons General Orders, July 1 and 2 1780 at Preakness Headquarters in New Jersey

General George Washington's orders for July 1st and 2nd, 1780 written at Dey Mansion in Wayne, New Jersey.

Transcriptions and Notes:

Head Quarters, Pracaness*
Saturday, July 1, 1780.
Parole Pumpton.
Countersigns June July.
Watchword Hark.
Of the Day Tomorrow ...
Majors --Edwards**
T. L. Moore Brigade Major Church
Those Brigades which have not drawn any Rum to day are to be supplied with a Jill pr. man this Evening. The Grand Parade is assigned in the road opposite the Marquis De La Fayette's quarters 'till further orders.

Head Quarters, Pracaness, Sunday, July 2, 1780.
Parole Trenton.
Countersigns F., P.
Watchword Hereabouts.
Of the Day Tomorrow ...
Brigadier General Maxwell
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Hubly
Brigade Major Bradford
The troop to beat at six o'clock A.M. The Guards to be on the Grand Parade at 7 o'clock till further orders. Ensign John Rogers*** of Colonel Angell's regiment is appointed Adjutant to the same vice Lieutenant Waterman****.

*Pracaness, Preakness, present day Wayne, New Jersey. Preakness, N.J. Headquarters were established at Col. Theunis Dey's.
**Maj. Evan Edwards, of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Regiment.
***Of the Second Rhode Island Regiment. He had been wounded at Connecticut Farms, N.J., in June, 1780; made a lieutenant in February, 1781; served to November, 1783.
**** Lieut. Thomas Waterman. He was regimental adjutant of the Second Rhode Island Regiment and had resigned in August, 1779.

The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799

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