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updated: 525 AM EDT Thu Apr 27 2017
  Mostly cloudy. Patchy drizzle early. Areas of fog early.  Highs around 70. Light and variable winds, becoming south 5 to  10 mph.
  Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. Patchy drizzle  in the evening, then a slight chance of thunderstorms after  midnight. Areas of fog. Lows in the mid 50s. Southeast winds 5 to  10 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.
  Patchy fog in the morning. Mostly cloudy with a chance  of showers with a slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning,  then mostly sunny in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 70s. West  winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.
  Partly cloudy in the evening, then becoming  mostly cloudy. Lows in the upper 50s. South winds around 5 mph.
  Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers and

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April 27, 2017
Butler, New Jersey
April 27, 2017
Butler, New Jersey
April 28, 2017
West Milford, New Jersey
April 28, 2017
Butler, New Jersey
April 29, 2017
West Milford, New Jersey
April 29, 2017
Butler, New Jersey
April 30, 2017
West Milford, New Jersey
May 2, 2017
Butler, New Jersey
May 3, 2017
Englewood, NJ
May 3, 2017
Butler, New Jersey
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Forsynthia blooms in West Milford, NJ

Forsynthia blooms herald springtime in West Milford, NJ - April 12, 2017   MORE PICTURES!

See more about Long Pond Ironworks!  For more pictures of common North Jersey Bird feeder visitors go to our Bird page. Check out our new rt23 Staff Walkabout photo journals for Great Falls pictures and more on our scenery page!



April 12, 2017 - (17/P32) TRENTON - Following months of sufficient precipitation, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin today lifted a drought warning for 12 of 14 counties in the northern, central and northern coastal regions of New Jersey and removed a drought watch for four counties in the southwestern part of the state.

Commissioner Martin signed an Administrative Order removing, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Sussex, Union and Warren counties from drought warning status and removing Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties from drought watch. These advisories had been in place since October.

Round Valley and Spruce Run reservoirs in central New Jersey both remain below normal capacity. Round Valley is at about 72 percent capacity and Spruce Run is at about 69 capacity, due in large part to less precipitation in this area over the winter.

As a result, Hunterdon County and Somerset County, which are primarily served by these reservoirs, will remain under a drought warning. This allows for continued modified passing flows designed to conserve storage.

"The return of soaking and well-timed precipitation over the winter and early spring has resulted in steady improvements in our drought indicators for most of the state," Commissioner Martin said. "In particular, storage levels in the major reservoir systems that serve the densely populated portions of northern New Jersey are at full capacity entering the time of year when water demand peaks."

"Water levels are increasing across the state in response to recent rains," said State Geologist Jeffrey L. Hoffman. "Reservoirs, with the exception of Round Valley and Spruce Run, are more than 90 percent full. Stream flows and groundwater levels are trending upward, which is a good sign. We will continue to closely monitor indicators in all parts of the state."

The Round Valley and Spruce Run reservoirs, operated by the New Jersey Water Supply Authority, is typically at 94 percent this time of year.

"By maintaining the reduced passing flow requirement, the authority would expect to save anywhere between seven to ten billion gallons in the reservoirs over the upcoming summer months, which will allow the reservoirs to continue to improve," said Beth Gates, executive director for the authority.

While most regions of the state are now under normal water supply conditions, Commissioner Martin reminds the public to always practice water conservation, especially when watering lawns and landscaping, which accounts for a significant portion of water use in the spring and summer.

"I want to thank water suppliers and residents in the affected areas of the state for working with us to conserve water," Commissioner Martin said. "I urge everyone to always be mindful of not wasting water. We should not forget the images from last fall of the muddy slopes of receding reservoirs as we turn our attention to maintaining our lawns and landscaping this spring."

Some suggested lawn and garden water conservation tips include:
* Do not over-water lawns and landscaping. Two times per week for 30 minutes in the morning or late afternoon during drier periods is typically sufficient.
* Use a hose with a hand-nozzle to water flowers and shrubs.
* Do not mow your grass too short. Set mowing height to at least three inches. Longer grass blades help retain soil moisture, improve root growth and encourage a healthier lawn.
* Avoid watering lawns and plants during the heat of the day, since much of this water will evaporate without helping your lawn.
* Reduce the size of your lawn by establishing gardens that use native, drought-tolerant vegetation.
* Apply mulch around shrubs and flower beds to reduce evaporation, promote plant growth and reduce weeds.
* Use barrels or other containers to capture rainfall for use in watering. Cover the openings with fine screens to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the collected water.
* Use a broom to sweep sidewalks and driveways rather than a hose.

To save water in the home:
* Fix leaky faucets and pipes.
* Turn off the faucet while shaving and brushing teeth.
* Install faucet aerators.
* Run washing machines and dishwashers when full, or make sure to select the appropriate wash cycle for the load size.
* Take shorter showers.
* Install a low-flow toilet.

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Dining in Northern New Jersey North Jersey Restaurant Guide
Find some new places for dining and entertainment in Northern New Jersey!! Indian? French? Thai? Italian cuisine? North Jersey has it all! Click Here!

Salmon pesto at Ralph Spice
Salmon Pesto

Sirloin Steak with sides of sugar snap peas and baked potato
Sirloin Steak with sides of sugar snap peas and baked potato
Ralph Spice

Ralph Spice is the newest addition to fine dining in West Milford. Ralph Spice offerings include fresh seafood entrees and handcut steaks.

Chef-owner Ralph Zuraik and his wife Miriam have been in the industry for over twenty years. Recently relocated to New Jersey, the Zuraiks previously operated restaurants in Houlton, Maine including The Vault Restaurant.

Ralph Spice is located in the Bearfort Shopping Village on Union Valley Road. The dining room has a simple elegant decor and intimate atmosphere, resevations are recommended. Take out is available, B.Y.O.B.
Ralph Spice
1614 Union Valley Road
West Milford, New Jersey

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