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Homeowner Firewood Program
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DEP Offers $20 Cut-Your-Own Fuelwood to NJ Homeowners

November 05, 2008 (rt23 news) - Through the Homeowner Firewood Program, the Division of Parks and Forestry opens up state land to individuals interested in cutting firewood for personal use. New Jersey residents have the opportunity to cut firewood at any of five participating state parks and forests for $20 a cord while supplies last.

The public can get up to a maximum of five cords of wood during the cutting season. All wood available through the program is standing timber in designated areas of the forests. All cutting areas are reviewed by the DEPís Technical Forest Management Team. Homeowners are responsible for cutting and removing their own firewood.

The following State Parks and Forests are participating in the 2008-2009 season of the Homeowner Firewood Program. If interested, call or visit one of the following areas for reservations:

Northern New Jersey
High Point State Park
1480 State Highway 23
Sussex, NJ 07461-3605
(973) 875-4800

Stokes State Forest
1 Coursen Road
Branchville, NJ 07826
(973) 948-3820

The Commercial Firewood Program is designed to accomplish desired forestry work and to exchange firewood for cutting rights on Division lands. A portion is returned to the Division of Parks and Forestry and sold to campers at a nominal fee, thus eliminating costs of firewood production for the Division. The woodcutter then utilizes the remaining trees according to the best economical return depending upon the current local markets.

Prior to any firewood harvesting activity on state lands the NJFS prepares proposals for review by the NJDEP Natural & Historic Resources Group. This Group is comprised of representatives of various NJ Department of Environmental Protection units. Group members include:

  • NJ State Park Service
  • NJ Forest Fire Service
  • NJ Historic Preservation Office
  • NJ Natural Lands Management
  • NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

  • Tree harvesting provides fuelwood, lumber, and a wide variety of other forest and paper products. This will improve wildlife habitats, protect the watersheds, increase aesthetic diversity and provide healthy future forests.

    Posted by: Staff
    Website: NJ DEP Firewood Program
    November 05, 2008

    Homeowner Firewood Program

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