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Used Vehicle Buyers to Gain Four-Year Inspection Exemption
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Program change adds greater convenience for owners of late-model vehicles

January 06, 2010 (rt23 news) - (TRENTON) — New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Acting Chief Administrator Shawn B. Sheekey announced today that, effective January 1, 2010, used vehicles purchased in or out of New Jersey will no longer require an inspection until they are at least four years old. The change, which is similar to one in January 2003 when the MVC moved to a four-year inspection for new vehicle purchases, will save a trip through lanes for newer model vehicle owners.
“This is a common sense decision to move to a four-year inspection for these types of vehicles,” said Sheekey. “The change only effects used vehicles that are in the first four years of their lifespan so the owners of these late model cars and trucks will now have one less item to take care of after their purchase. It’s another example of making changes throughout our organization that brings greater efficiency to our customers and allows us to further reduce volume at our inspection sites.”

New Jerseyans who previously purchased a used vehicle in or out-of-state were required to submit the vehicle for an inspection following the initial titling and registration with the MVC. The inspection was only good for two years. Under the change announced today, vehicles purchased that do not have a valid New Jersey inspection sticker will receive one that is good for four years from the vehicle model date.

For instance, a 2008 used vehicle would receive a 2012 inspection sticker valid until the last day of the month in which it was registered in New Jersey. If the used vehicle purchased does have a valid sticker, the vehicle is not required to be inspected until the month and year of the noted expiration date, which eliminates the need to initially present it at an inspection facility.

To obtain the four-year sticker, the vehicle owner will receive an SS-19 form at the time of registration at an MVC Agency. The form, along with a valid registration card, insurance ID card and driver license, must be presented at any one of 29 Centralized Inspection Facilities (CIF) statewide. Rather than proceeding through the lanes for a full inspection, the owner will be directed to the re-inspection area at the facility where, upon document and vehicle review by an inspector, the vehicle will receive a sticker denoting “New Car Dealer Inspection Decal.”

Regardless of the move to a four-year sticker, vehicles presented with obvious defects, such as worn tires, cracked windshields and broken lights, will be required to submit to full inspection to ensure their safety. Additionally, there are a number of vehicles, which as of January 1, 2010 will be subject to an annual inspection. These include taxis, limousines, jitneys, commercially-registered, gasoline- and bi-fueled motor vehicles, commercially-registered diesel vehicles less than 10,000 lbs and buses that have been issued passenger, governmental, no fee, or commercial vehicle license plates.

This latest change to New Jersey’s Enhanced Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program is just one of the many positive improvements designed to better serve customers, ensure the safety of our roadways and protect the quality of our state’s environment.
Some of the more notable changes over the last year have included the use of pneumatic lifts and undercarriage cameras to detect serious safety issues, introduction of lane queue cameras at, which allow customers to check inspection station volume prior to heading out to the lanes and the launch of NJ Inspections: Making the Garden State Safer and Greener, an award winning public education campaign that promotes vehicle owner responsibility and inspection preparation and shares tips on saving fuel and reducing pollution. The campaign utilizes printed pieces and informational videos, which have been playing in movie theaters, supermarkets, on You Tube and at

Posted by: Staff
January 06, 2010

Used Vehicle Buyers to Gain Four-Year Inspection Exemption

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