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State Wildlife Biologists Remove Arrow Through Head of Young Deer in Rockaway Township and Release
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November 12, 2013 (rt23 news) - (13/P100) TRENTON - Biologists with the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife on Saturday evening tranquilized a young deer in Rockaway Township and successfully removed a hunter’s arrow that had pierced completely through its head. The deer’s plight has captured national attention.

The deer, a male estimated at five months old, was treated at a wooded private property it has been frequenting over the past week and released into the wild. Biologists said the deer’s prognosis for surviving the wounds is excellent. It has been eating regularly and did not appear to be overly stressed.

The arrow had entered the left side of the deer’s head, traveled through its nasal cavity and exited the right side of its muzzle without doing any damage to major arteries or organs. After anesthetizing the deer around 6 p.m. Saturday, biologists unscrewed the arrowhead and removed the shaft. They then treated the deer with preventive antibiotics, before releasing it back into the woods.

The puncture wounds were not infected and were starting to heal around the arrow’s shaft. They needed no further treatment and are expected to continue to close up naturally with the help of licking from its mother.

Treatment took place on the wooded property of Susan Darrah, who first spotted the injured deer on November 1. The Division of Fish and Wildlife had been staking out the property all week, waiting for an opportunity to capture and treat the deer.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife thanks Darrah for all of her assistance, including allowing staff constant access to her property

The bow hunting season for deer is currently under way across the state, running from September until late January or early February, depending on zone.

Posted by: rt23 staff
November 12, 2013

State Wildlife Biologists Remove Arrow Through Head of Young Deer in Rockaway Township and Release

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