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Wick House
The Revolutionary War in North Jersey

Wick house in Morristown, New JerseyThe Wick House was constructed in a style more common to New England and Long Island. It was built between 1747 and 1750 by Henry Wick...more

Wick House Photo Gallery

01_drawing_exterior 02_drawing_frame 03_drawing_first_floor 04_wick_farm2 05_wick_house 06_wick_farm
07_wick_kitchen 08_wick_kitchen2 09_wick_pantry 10_wick_bedroom5 11_wick_bedroom 12_wick_bedroom6
13_wick_bedroom4 14_wick_bedroom2 15_wick_bedroom3 16_wick_kitchen_garden 17_wick_orchard 18_wick_farm_field
19_wick_barn 20_wick_barn2
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